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Visitors Find the Past Still Lives in Places All Across Lewis County

By Edna Fund, For The Chronicle

Centralia Borst Homestead, Blockhouse, Gardens, Schoolhouse and Oregon Trail Marker* – 302 Bryden Road (also known as Pioneer Way)

Exit 82 off of I-5 and head west on Harrison. Turn left on Johnson Road and follow signs.

Learn about the life of yesteryear and see a historic home, built in the 1800s, and the replica of a one-room schoolhouse.

Visit this historic site Saturday or Sunday from 1:30 – 4 p.m. the second weekend each month. Guides will be on hand to answer questions and share a history of life on Fords Prairie. Call Centralia Parks and Recreation at (360) 330-7688 for group tour information.…/index.tpl

2. Edison Historic District – Exit 82 off of I-5 and head east on Harrison Avenue. Turn left on First Street.

3. George E. Birge House in Edison District* – 715 E Street. Exit 82 off of I-5 and head east on Harrison Avenue. Turn left on First Street. Turn left on E Street.

4. Centralia Massacre Site – 805 North Tower Street. Exit 82 off of I-5 and head east on Harrison Avenue. Turn left on Tower Avenue.

The Nov. 11, 1919 Centralia Armistice Day parade passed by this area and four American Legionnaires and one member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) died from the violence by the end of the day. This address was the office location of the IWW, also known as the Wobblies.

5. The Sentinel* and Resurrection of Nathan Wesley Everest Mural – Exit 82 off of I-5 and head east on Harrison Avenue toward downtown.

The Sentinel, a tribute to the four fallen veterans, was erected by the American Legion, in Washington Park, near the Centralia Timberland Regional Library.

Across the street from the park, on the wall of the Centralia Antique Mall building on Locust Street (also known as Centralia College Boulevard), a mural was sponsored by labor groups to commemorate the tragedy.

6. Centralia U.S. Post Office* – 214 Centralia College Boulevard (formerly Locust Street).

7. Centralia Downtown Historic District* – bound by Center Street, Burlington Northern Right-of-way, Walnut Street and Pearl Street…/historic_district.tpl

8. Lewis and Clark Hotel – 117 W. Magnolia Street. Built in 1926.

9. Olympic Club Saloon* – (Olympic Club Hotel and Theater) 112 N. Tower…Homepage

10. Centralia Railroad Depot* – 210 Railroad Street.

11. Wesley Everest Gravesite* – Greenwood Memorial Park, 1905 Johnson Road. Exit 82 off of I-5, and head west. Take right at Johnson Road.

12. Hangman’s Bridge – Exit 81 off of I-5 and head west on Mellen Street to bridge.

Wesley Everest was hanged from the bridge during the 1919 Centralia Armistice Day tragedy.


13. Lewis County Historical Museum* – 599 N.W. Front Way, Exit 79, off of I-5, east, right on State Street, left on West Street to the former 1912 Northern Pacific Depot and McKinley replica stump,

14. Vintage Antique Motorcycle Museum – 545 N. Market St.

15. Chehalis Downtown Historic District* – Park and Front Streets, Washington and Cascade Aves.

16. St. Helens Hotel* – 440 N. Market.

17. Oregon Trail Marker – at the front of the site of the new Timberland Regional Library on Market Street.

18. World War II Boeing Plant – 321 N.W. Pacific Ave. Rosie the Riveters were 70 percent of the work force who made the leading edges of the B-17 and the B-29 wing sections

19. Chehalis U.S. Post Office* – 1031 N.W. Cascade.

20. Scout Lodge* – 278 S.E. Adams Ave. currently under renovation.

21. Hillside Historic District* – bounded by Jefferson Avenue., Hill Street, Washington Avenue and 9th St.

22. Pennsylvania Avenue – West Side Historic District* – 600 block N.W. St. Helens and 440-723 Pennsylvania Aves. Exit 79, I-5, east, right on National Avenue, mile, right on West Street, 5 blocks. Several blocks featuring antique street lamps and elaborate homes from the carriage era.

23. O.K. Palmer House*- 673 N.W. Pennsylvania Ave.

24. O.B. McFadden House* – 475 S.W. Chehalis Ave. Built in 1859 of squared logs; claims to be the oldest residence in Chehalis and the oldest continuously lived-in residence in Washington.

25. Veterans Memorial Museum – 100 S.W. Veterans Way. Exit 77 (state Route 6- Main Street) exit off of I-5. Turn west and turn left on Riverside, turn left at Veterans Way.

26. Chehalis-Centralia Steam Train – 1101 Sylvenus St. Exit 77 (Hwy 6 – Main Street) exit on I-5. Turn west and turn left on Riverside, turn left at the Steam Train Sign onto Sylvenus Street.

West Lewis County

27. Claquato Church,* Oregon Trail Marker and Pioneer Tree – Water Street. Exit 77, 1-5, west, Highway 6, 2 miles right on Chilvers Road, left on Stearns Road, left on Water Street, ¼ mile on left. The unique crown of thorns steeple surmounts the 1858 Claquato Church, the oldest church in Washington still on its original location and in use on special occasions. Pioneer Tree is located in the nearby Claquato Cemetery. The 150 celebration occurs on July 13.…CISOVIEWTMP=

28. Klaber Hop Yards and Boistfort High School* – 983 Boistfort Road, Curtis. Exit 77, I-5 west, Hwy 6, 10 miles. Left on Curtis-Boistfort Road, 3½ miles. Site of Herman Klaber’s hop yards and first school in Washington Territory.

29. Doty General Store and Doty U.S. Post Office – 212 Stevens Road…/WMX49

30. Holy Cross Polish National Catholic Church* – 3rd and Queen Streets, Pe Ell. Built in 1916

South Lewis County

31. Ben Olson Home* – 1026 D Street, Vader. Exit 59, 1-5 West, Hwy 506, 5 miles.

32. Grace Evangelical Church (now United Methodist Church)* – 618 D Street, Vader. Built in 1902.

33. Vader (Little Falls) Jail – on right between 5th and 6th Streets, Vader.

34. St. Urban Church – between Winlock and Napavine. Opened as a Catholic Church in 1891.

35. Winlock Historical Museum – First Street next to Timberland Regional Library.

36. Winlock Egg & Central Hatchery – Hwy 603 in Winlock. Exit 63 from I-5, west, Hwy 603, 3 miles to Winlock. Winlock was known for its hatcheries, having produced 1.5 million chicks annually. The first replica egg built in 1920 was concrete. The present egg made out of wire mesh was built in 1965.

37. Evaline School 111 Schoolhouse Road – Winlock. Two-room school with K-6 students which began 125 years ago.

38. Oregon Trail Marker – Matilda Jackson Park north of the intersection of Mary’s Corner on Highway 12 and Jackson Highway.

Life.110810.Roadside.Eats.bds739. Jackson Prairie Courthouse (John R. Jackson House)* – south of Mary’s Corner on Jackson Highway. The house served as the first U.S. District Court north of the Columbia River, post office, grocery store, and inn. Some of the guests were George McClelland, Phil Sheridan, U.S. Grant and Isaac Stevens, Washington’s first Territorial Governor.

40. St. Francis Mission – 139 Spencer Road, Toledo. First permanent mission established in 1838 in Washington.…/page9.html

41. Lewis and Clark Park – Jackson Highway. From I-5: Take exit # 68, and head east on Hwy. 12 about 2.5 miles. At Jackson Highway, turn right, heading south. Continue about two miles to park entrance. Built in 1922, the park has one of the largest old-growth forest stands.

42. Oregon Trail Marker – Toledo at intersection of Ash Street, Fifth Street West, and Kellogg Way.

43. Cowlitz Landing – Toledo. This was the hub of activity during the 1850s-1860s with steamer traffic and overland travelers. Hudson Bay Company shipped farm products from the Cowlitz Prairie via this

Central and East Lewis County

44. Onalaska Mill Smokestack – Alexander Road. Exit 71, 1-5 east, Hwy 507, 8 miles. Left on Alexander Road, 2 blocks. The Carlisle Lumber Company operated from 1913-42, and the 250-foot smokestack is all that remains. The town had 1,000 residents and 225 homes.

45. St. Ives Catholic Church – Harmony. Exit 68, I-5 east, Hwy 12, 22.4 miles, left on Harmony Road, 1.4 miles on left.

46. Loggers’ Memorial – Morton at Highways 12 and 7. Names of loggers who died on the job are listed on the memorial. It was built by Bob Collier of Glenoma.

47. Old Settlers Museum – 710 Main Street, Morton.

48. Morton Depot – east of downtown Morton.

49. Mineral Lodge* – East side of Mineral Lake on Hill Road. Exit 68, I-5, east, Hwy 12, 32 miles to Morton, left on Hwy 7, 13 miles right on Mineral road, south, right on Mineral Hill Road, mile on left. Built in

50. Underwater Ghost Towns Marker – near Mossyrock Dam on U.S. Highway 12. The marker commemorates Mayfield, Riffe, and Kosmos—underwater ghost towns as a result of the Mayfield and Mossyrock dams built in the 1960s by Tacoma Power.

51. Kosmos, Underwater Ghost Town – near current town of Glenoma. 6 miles S.E. of Morton off of U.S. Highway 12 on Kosmos Road. The flooded logging town reappears when Riffe Lake is low.

52. Taidnapam Park – Glenoma. 9 miles S.E. of Morton off of U.S. Highway 12 on Kosmos Road. Native Americans inhabited this area 4,600 years ago. Interpretive exhibit at park…/taidnapam_park.htm

53. Kitchen Rock – on Davis Creek Road at Randle. Exit 68, I-5 east, Hwy 12, 54 miles, left on Davis Creek Road, one mile on left.

Pioneers used the protected area to camp.

54. Randle Ranger Station* – Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Randle. Built by Civilian Conversation Corps.

55. North Fork Guard Station No. 1142* – Randle Ranger Station, Gifford National Forest, Randle.

56. White Pass Country Historical Museum – Packwood, in former 1939 Packwood Grade School on the right-hand side of Highway 12 going east.…main.htm

57. Packwood Hotel – 104 Main Street, Packwood.…Packwood.htm

58. High Rock Lookout** – in Gifford Pinchot National Forest is at the end of a 1.6-mile-long, sometimes very steep trail. Volunteers staff it in the summer.…/us387.html.

59. Watch Mountain Lookout** – in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, is easily visible from…/us552.html

60. Burley Mountain Lookout** – in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in the summer has a road, but the last one-half mile is administrative traffic only.…/us356.html.

61. La Wis Wis Guard Station No. 1165* – Gifford National Forest, Packwood. Built by Civilian Conservation Corps.

62. Ohanapecosh Comfort Station No. 0-302 & 0-303* – Mount Rainier National Park. Four miles north of U.S. Highway 12 on State Route 123. Built in 1935


*=National Register of Historic Places (NHRP)…/state.html


**=National Historic Lookout Register (NHLR)…/byStateUSA_Washington.html.


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