Fishing, Fun and More at Lewis County Lakes

061006.Lake.fishingLakes and ponds in Lewis County offer fishing most any time of the year. Here is a partial list of some of the most popular lakes in the area:

1. Plummer Lake — An old gravel pit between downtown Centralia and Interstate 5, this lake gets 4,000 rainbow trout each spring. There is a small access area at the end of Tilley Avenue, and there is rough access on the I-5 fill on the west side.

2. Carlisle Lake — This lake is a reclaimed millpond in Onalaska, located on State route 508 east of 1-5 exit 71. There is foot access to the shoreline all the way around, and there is a gravel boat launch suitable for small boats. Gas motors are prohibited. The lake is planted each spring with several thousand varieties of rainbows, cutthroats and large “brood” trout from local hatcheries.

3. Lewis and Clark Pond — Located inside Lewis and Clark State Park on Jackson Highway just south of Mary’s Corner, this pond gets planted with 500 rainbows for the spring opener. If weather is good, it can get fished out quickly following opening day.

4. South County Pond — This small pond on the edge of Toledo offers good fishing just about any time of year. The pond is planted with 7,000 rainbows and browns and nearly 900 big triploids every year.

A fisherman casts his line near the Mossyrock dam Wednesday.5. Mayfield Lake — This reservoir on the Cowlitz River is considered one of the crown jewels of fishing in Lewis County. The lake is planted with 60,000 rainbow between May and August, and boasts tiger muskies, largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish and yellow perch. Some steelhead and adult salmon are released into the lake in the fall. Bank fishers head to the Mossyrock Trout Hatchery on the south shore of the lake, accessed from the Birley Road off U.S. Highway 12 just west of Mossyrock or from the shoreline at Ike Kinswa State Park. There is a boat launch at Ike Kinswa on State rout 122, or at Mayfield Park.

6. Swofford Pond — Also near Mossyrock, Swofford Pond gets 10,000 rainbows in the spring, 4,000 browns a few weeks later and may also get hatchery overruns of steelhead. It also holds bullhead catfish, channel cats large and smallmouth bass, perch and bluegills. There is access along Green Mountain Road.

7. Davis Lake — A small lake along U.S. Highway 12 at Morton, Davis Lake has limited access and is hard to fish without a boat. It gets about 1,250 rainbows in April for the opener.

LIFE.110614.KidsDerby.km18. Riffe Lake — The prime attraction at Riffe Lake, located on the Cowlitz River near Mossyrock, is thousands of landlocked coho salmon. The lake isn’t planted every year, but hundreds of thousands of fish might be introduced when it is stocked. Bank angling is limited, but good at both ends of Mossyrock Dam. There is a fishing bridge at the upper end of the lake at Tacoma Power’s Taidnapam Park.

9. Mineral Lake — Another of Lewis County’s gems, Mineral Lake lies just off State route 7 north of Morton at the town of Mineral. The lake is best trolled with either a flasher-bait outfit or wet flies. Stillfishers working the bottom with nightcrawlers do well. A private resort, state boat launch and bank area, and the Lions Club camping park provide access.

10. Lake Scanewa — The Lewis County Public Utility District stocks this fishery behind Cowlitz Falls Dam. This lake opens in June, and gets a lot of adult and jack salmon planted in the fall for natural upriver production.

11. Chambers Lake — Near Walupt Lake in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Chambers Lake in East Lewis County gets periodic plants of brown trout, but isn’t heavily fished. Dry flies during the day, wet flies in the evening and bait or lures anytime are recommended.

12. Dog Lake — A small alpine lake near the Lewis-Yakima County line at White Pass on U.S. Highway 12, the lake is planted with more than 6,000 rainbows in May and June. It and nearby Leech Lake (fly fishing only), get plants of large triploid trout. Leech Lake has a limit of one fish and motors are prohibited.


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