What’s in Adna? Lots of History, Great Lake for Water Sports

4c28d89e9abc4.imageJust five miles outside of Chehalis along state Route 6 lies Adna, a small unincorporated community along the edges of the Chehalis River.

Adna has had several names over it’s nearly 150-year history. The Joel Fay family settled just west of Adna near Bunker Creek and the area was originally known as Fayette.

A post office, formed in 1892, was operated under the name Willaway, from one settler’s wife frequently noting that, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” That name was deemed to similar to Willapa, about 50 miles west, and Pomona was considered, but thrown out due to the existence of another Pomona east of the Cascade Mountains.

In 1894 the current name, thought to be a misspelling of the name Edna, was chosen and has stuck.

The town, today, mainly consists of historic Adna Grocery, a classic small-town store on Bunker Creek Road that also serves as a post office, video store, doughnut shop, gas station, espresso stand and unofficial town center.

The town also served host to the 2006 World Barefoot Championships (water skiing), at picturesque Lake Silverado. The 2,700-foot-long, privately owned lake is lined with 1,400 poplar trees and located directly behind Adna High School. It was built in 1992 for the sole purpose of water-skiing, and athletes at the world championships ranked the lake among the top they’d seen built specifically for their sport. Visit www.barefootworlds.com for more on the lake.

If you’re in town during the fall, check out the historic football stadium atop the hill overlooking the rest of Adna. The Pirates’ home turf was built in the 1930s and surrounded with tall fir trees, providing a picturesque backdrop for even the most intense gridiron battles.


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