Winlock Egg Day Festival

Winlock became the first incorporated city in the county in 1873, as the railroad began service. A construction camp, called Lee’s Camp, was named for the contractor and located on site.

Dr. C.C. Pagett and Jack Nealy acquired land on either side of the Northern Pacific line that make up the present town, with the rail line still running through the center.

Pagett’s friend General Winlock W. Miller, from Olympia, offered a nice bell for the church or schoolhouse if the town would be named Winlock, which it was officially entitled on Feb. 2, 1872.

By 1910 the town’s population was equal to that of Chehalis, but by 1920 it had dropped back to about 850 resident, where it stayed for decades. As of the 2000 census, the town had about 1,200 residents.

The town was once known as a major producer of eggs. A testament to that industry can be seen while driving through town, where a pillar and tiny park surround the World’s Largest Egg.

Following in the egg tradition, the town plays host to Egg Days each summer. This year’s event, set for June 21 and 22, will mark 70 years of community celebration.

On the slate are a parade, carnival rides, live music, a horse show, a fun run, an all-school reunion, a pancake breakfast and free lunch of (what else?) egg salad sandwiches.


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