Harvesting More Than Apples

Onalaska Alliance president Cathy Murphy recalls not sleeping well the night before the inaugural Apple Harvest Festival. She was worried, she recalled, that no one would show up and all their work would be for naught.

“But then you wake up and it’s a beautiful fall day and then it’s like ‘OK, look there’s a few people in town.’ Then ‘oh, there’s a few more people in town.’ And then ‘there’s even more people in town.’”

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kA 4=2DDlQAaQm“%96 =25:6D @7 E96 49FC49 86E E@86E96C E96 H66< @7 E96 76DE:G2= 2?5 E96J 2== 3C:?8 2AA=6D 7C@> E96:C 324< J2C5 2?5 E96J >2<6 2AA=6D2F46[” D96 D2:5] “*@F 86E E9:D A=2E6 H:E9 A2?42<6D[ 688D 2?5 324@? 2?5 :EVD D>@E96C65 ๐Ÿ˜• E92E 2AA=6D2F46] xEVD 2>2K:?8]”k^Am

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